I love coming up with new ideas and I enjoy the delight of delivering a quality user experience.

Dear Gumroad Team,

I am a web designer and developer who started out by building an E-commerce solution the increased client sales by 13X in four years. Next, I built innovative construction project estimating software that saved the company 2,000 hours per month. After that, I operated my own web design firm before starting an Impact Sourcing company where I served as the COO and then CTO. I developed the delivery strategy across 13 commercial AI/ML annotation platforms and 3 internal products. I worked closely with multiple product teams to recommend, develop, and implement new features on most of the platforms. Recently, I am back to operating the web design firm and I would appreciate the opportunity to work with the Gumroad team.

I live near Harrisburg, PA, so NYC is only 3 hours away via AmTrak.

Challenge Submission

Here is a quick mock-up of the new tip feature, with some added fun…

Tip Feature

I affirm the idea of adding a “Tip” feature during checkout. In my experience, 88% of users opt for the tip!

  • Next to the coffee, I added a burger representing a higher amount. 
  • Next to the burger, I added a “double or nothing” option to gamify the Tip experience with risk/reward game-play.
  • I recommend weighted odds that favor “Double” and letting the user try a few rolls to build trust in the odds, but the final roll is locked in at checkout.  
Watch Loom

Quick Feedback

Gumroad is doing amazing things, so I wouldn’t dare to roast the platform, but I found this opportunity…

Proposed Edit Button

The “Preview” button opens a the page “Editor” and I recommend adding an “Edit” button that links to the editor and a “Preview” button that opens a full preview.

Suggested Feature

The Gumroad Affiliate program is great, but I suggest this opportunity…

Cross-Sell Affiliates

Gumroad creators connect and already cross-sell or share affiliate links externally. However, I am confident a “Cross-Sell” feature to promote known affiliates would help drive buyer engagement and increase creator earnings.

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